Nirmal Kumar Staff asked 8 months ago

This forum QuestionUs is a right place to share knowledge, experience etc. This forum gives you an opportunity to learn unknown things to update yourselves with the latest trends.

However, to maintain the quality of this forum we need to follow some rules. And the moderators and Akismet will be keeping an eye on the contents in this forum.

I would like to tell you about the rules which we should follow in this forum:

  • No offensive or abusive comments allowed
  • No adult content are allowed
  • Spamming the forum by posting links with an aim to get backlinks will not be entertained.
  • No gambling ideas to be discussed here
  • If a user repeatedly tries to spam, he will be blocked.
  • No guest blogging requests allowed

These are so simple rules to follow.

If you wish, some changes have to be made to these rules, just create a separate topic with your arguments. I will be happy to hear your suggestions.

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